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EType not supported: Latest Java (update releases of all versions) already supports RC4-HMAC, which is the default etype used on Windows. You needn't specify default etypes for either the session key or ticket in krb5.ini. Cannot find server name in Kerberos database: Have you mapped the service principal name(SPN) correctly?

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4.Stop BO Servers and Tomcat Application Server. 5.Add the user bo_admin_xir3 as a member of Administrators group. 6.Assign the right u201CAct as Part of Operating Systemu201D to user bo_admin_xir3. 7.Create krb5.ini in c:\winnt\ directory and paste the below content. [libdefaults] default_realm = XM.TEST.INTRA. dns_lookup_kdc = true. dns ...

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Oct 06, 2019 · Via the one platform Cloudera is committed to adopting Spark as the default data execution engine for analytic workloads. · Cloudera Manager—A sophisticated application used to deploy, manage, monitor, and diagnose issues with CDH deployments. Cloudera Manager provides the Admin Console, a web-based user interface that makes administration ...

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Oct 10, 2013 · OakLeaf Systems is a Northern California software consulting organization specializing in developing and writing about Windows Azure, Windows Azure SQL Database, Windows Azure SQL Data Sync, Windows Azure SQL Database Federations, Windows Azure Mobile Services and Web Sites, Windows Phone 8, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, OData and WCF Data Services, SQL Server 2008+, and Visual Studio ...

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Jul 19, 2013 · * If you have Weblogic Server installed on a Windows machines, create a file named krb5.ini / On Unix machines, the file is called krb5.conf instead of krb5.ini. * See the following default Kerberos configuration files and their locations: [Windows] The default location is c:\winnt\krb5.ini.

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In my previous blog post, I talked about SQL Server on Linux and high availability. During my test, I used a NFS server to share disk resources between my cluster nodes as described in the Microsoft documentation. A couple of days ago, I decided to add a fourth node (LINUX04) to my cluster infrastructure and I expected to do this work easily. But no chance, I faced a problem I never had before ...

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Same problem here. Resolution: Make sure that your exim server is configured with correct mail IP address you can verify it with file located at /etc/mailips also make sure the permissions are correct -rw-r—– 1 root mail 3652 Apr 18 06:51 /etc/mailips. I get the error: 'bind: Cannot assign requested address'.

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Jan 23, 2009 · Hi, I cannot figure out how to create connection with VBA and ODBC to SQL db. I need to retrieve data from the DB. I tried to find help but I failed. Thank you for your help ...

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Accept the default filename and location for the virtual disk file or change it, if you want to use a different name or location. To find a different folder, click Browse. If you want to specify a device node for your virtual disk, click Advanced. On the advanced settings screen, you can also specify a disk mode.
In the example session shown here, we used pyodbc with the SQL Server ODBC driver to connect Python to a SQL Server Express database. The driver can also be used to access other editions of SQL Server from Python (SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server ...
If Hive cannot find the custom serializer for a given table, then it will throw an exception and the bridge will skip reading metadata for that table. SUPPORT Provide a trouble shooting package with: - the debug log (can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6)
Aug 19, 2020 · For Cloudera 5.x: This property can ... the Spark Job Service cannot find any of the applications that it has submitted to resource manager. ... Locate the following ...
The db.collection.find() method returns a cursor to the results; however, in the mongo shell, if the returned cursor is not assigned to a variable using the var keyword, then the cursor is automatically iterated up to 20 times to print up to the first 20 documents that match the query.

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x process WARNING: NEGOTIATE authentication error: Invalid name provided (Mechanism level: KrbException: Cannot locate default realm).
Urgent: KrbException: Integrity check on decrypted field failed (31) Clock skew too great. Authenticating to sharepoint with kerberos from a java HttpClient. Caching krb5 service tickets. JAAS + JNDI. JAAS Authentication Authorization 2 ldaps. Ticket isnt for us - Apache DS on Windows Server 2008 with Kerberos. Maximum token size